RAF Product Magazine

Bimonthly published RAF is a product magazine prepared by Arkitera Architecture Center. This publication, which targets immediately accessible novel products and materials to be used for projects of architectural offices, includes professional introductions offering more than brief advert catchwords and visuals that cannot properly reflect the product’s specifications.

The cover of every issue of Raf Product Magazine is designed by a different well-known architect, designer or graphic artist.The magazine is prepared through compilation of opinions from many architecture offices, and the idea is stemmed from the success and experiences gained from the most visited section of arkitera.com after 8 years, namely the product promotion section.

It is printed in 9.000 copies, and delivered, free of charge, to the addressesof responsible persons at purchasing departments of architectural offices, contractor and real-estate companies.Raf Product Magazine can also be followed from the website. All adverts can be accessed through both the magazine and the Internet. Questions and demands about the introduced materials are directly forwarded to the companies, thanks to the interactive forms on the Internet.